PROCSIN Raspberry Hair Vinegar and Tonic 250 ML

Daha canlı, parlak ve yumuşacık saçlara merhaba de.

Alkolsüz İçerik

Muhteşem kokusuyla ferahlığı hisset

Vitaherb Complex ve B5 desteği.

⫸ Elektriklenmeye yönelik bakım desteği. 

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49.99 TL
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"Bu sirke nasıl sihirli bir şey, saçlarım yumuşacık oldu... Kokusu ise ayrı bir güzel, çok çook beğendim.."

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  • Raspberry Hair Vinegar and Tonic

    It is a hair care product that we have developed to help you nourish your hair from root to tip with the support of vitaherb complex and vitamin B5 in it, as well as to contribute to your soft and refreshed hair by supporting the natural moisture balance. It aims to help protect hair against adverse environmental conditions with yeast grass, horsetail and yellow millet extracts in its content. It contributes to the formation of an easily combed and electrified hair structure by providing moisturizing support with natural ingredients such as Vitamin B5, aloe vera and chamomile. With the content of sage, green tea, nettle, birch, henna tree and burdock, it aims to support the hair to be more lively, shiny and voluminous, together with the nutrition of the hair.


    During the shower, apply to your shampooed and rinsed hair by massaging from the roots to the ends before the final rinse. Rinse with plenty of water after a few minutes. It is suitable for daily use with its non-alcoholic content.

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