PROCSIN Bakuchiol Tonic 200 ML

Temizlik ve çok yönlü bakım bir arada. Bakuchiol’un cildinize sunduğu multifonksiyonel destek ile  ışıltılı ve canlı bir cilt görünümü.
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    It is a multifunctional skin care product that we have developed to help care for the appearance of spots, pores and wrinkles while cleaning the skin surface with the support of Bakuchiol and Natural extracts in its content. With the help of Vitamin B3, Aloe Vera, Stinging Nettle and Green Tea extracts, it contributes to skin care for acne and blemish formation by supporting the moisture balance of the skin, while it aims to protect the skin against adverse environmental conditions with its biotin content. In addition to helping for a brighter and smoother skin with its Chamomile, Horsetail, Sage and Henna Extract content, it also aims to help care for signs of aging by contributing to increasing the elasticity of the skin with the support of natural ingredients such as Birch, Hops, Burdock.


    You can apply it to the skin cleaned with facial cleansing gel with the help of cotton. Afterwards, you can complete your care with bakuchiol serum and moisturizing cream. It is suitable for use for all skin types for morning and evening skin cleansing.

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